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Monday’s Monkeys #1

Let me introduce you to Noodles.  Not one for fresh fruit or vegetables, he prefers the unhealthy stuff you boil in a pan but without boiling it – he’s hardcore.

Giving up just trying to bite it, he decides to break it off with his hands.  Yeah, he knows what he’s doing.

Monkey, Malaysia

Monkey, Malaysia

Caught in an unusual, free-standing position offering no protection from the evil human brandishing a camera, he stealthily moves down behind the balcony railings for protection.

Monkey, Malaysia

Monkey, Malaysia

Noodles is more of a private eater, so clinging to his namesake he moves high up into the trees.

Monkey in a tree eating noodles, Malaysia

Monkey in a tree, Malaysia

Thanks to Noodles for providing the first of ‘Monday’s Monkeys’ instalments.  Tune in next week for some more monkeying around.  Chortle.


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