New Year’s Eve, Edinburgh

Is there no better place to celebrate New Year than Edinburgh?  It’s not just about what happens on ‘one night’ …  there are several events held late December and early January.

For a start there’s the torchlight procession, a fun, non-flame throwing family event just before New Year’s Eve.

Torchlight Procession, Edinburgh Hogmanay
Torchlight Procession, The Mound, Edinburgh Hogmanay

Not forgetting the Edinburgh Wheel on Princes Street where you can go round and round and round.  And round.

Ferris Wheel, Edinburgh
Ferris Wheel, Edinburgh

And the outdoor food and drink on offer to warm yer body. Sometimes nothing beats warm alcohol.  Especially when it’s cold.

Edinburgh Christmas Hogmanay Carnival
Edinburgh – cheers!

Plus the street party, concerts and ultimately the fireworks lighting up the sky.

Edinburgh New Year's Eve Hogmanay, fireworks
Edinburgh New Year’s Eve Hogmanay, fireworks

You can read a more detailed account of the Torchlight Procession here.  Edinburgh and New Year’s Eve will be following shortly.  I’m such a busy lass, eh?


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