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Spring in Hankasalmi, Finland

Finland is known for it’s lakes and trees.  In Hankasalmi, there are a mere 97 lakes.  If you’re thirsty, this could just be the place for you.

My mum being from Finland, we visited there many times when we were younger.

Farm near Lake Niemisjärvi, Hankasalmi, Finland

Farm near Lake Niemisjärvi, Hankasalmi, Finland

This is part of the farm where she grew up, seemingly in the middle of nowhere but on a large lake called Niemisjärvi – try saying that when you’re drunk – where you can swim, row a boat and run across the ice when it’s frozen over.

Where is it exactly?  It’s on Lake Niemisjärvi.  See map below:


More to follow on Finland soon (keeping Mum happy!).  Smiley face.



  1. I want to visit finland one day. Since I learnt from my general knowledge book – “Finland – The land of thousand lake” and “Norway-The land of midnight sun”. Also I came to learn both these countries are in top 10 happy countries in the world. Its my dream to travel here, and when I will grow older and have money, would love to settle down in Finland probably.

    Thanks for the wonderful share 🙂

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  2. I drove through Jyväskylä a few years ago, on my way to Kuopio and Kuusamo. This is one of the most beautiful areas of Finland. I’d love to visit it again. Greetings to you and your mum from Helsinki!


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