Oh, Vienna‘ … sang Ultravox a few decades ago (video below – you’re welcome), which has resulted in me only being able to say Vienna with an ‘oh’ in front of it – and not just saying it, but singing it. Damn those catchy eighties tunes.

Anyway, I took an unplanned day trip to Vienna, Austria from Bratislava, Slovakia.  The weather in the latter not being so great, I booked a ticket and boated on up the Danube.  I love boats, a lot. Luckily, the weather wasn’t as miserable several miles up river.

I ran round Vienna like a headless chicken (though still able to see where I was going), without a map or a guidebook.  But I managed to take in some sights, appreciate the architecture and have a few expensive beers together with my expensive lunch.

Yeah, I’d go back again if I had more time on my hands and under my feet.

Who is Ultravox and what did they sing you might be asking yourselves.  I don’t want to disappoint you, so here is the video. Smiley face.

Now you try saying Vienna without putting an ‘Oh’ in front of it.

Posted by Sunburnt Back


  1. Went to Vienna half a lifetime ago, just so I could ride on the ferris wheel that’s in The Third Man. Like flying in a garden shed.



    1. Sounds like a very unique experience 😛



      1. It was…odd. But enjoyable.


  2. Good work. Such beautiful pictures.
    I have done the same. Once I had a stop over in miami for 14 hours. I bought a day pass, and explored south, north, east and west miami. Got to the beach, even found free street wifi to send pictures to my friends and girlfriend. Twice I randomly hopped on a random bus just to see where it will take me. Was fun 🙂



    1. Ha ha, time versus place leads to an interesting combo!!



      1. Certainly does.


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