The Green of Vienna

Oh, Vienna‘ … sang Ultravox a few decades ago (video below – you’re welcome), which has resulted in me only being able to say Vienna with an ‘oh’ in front of it – and not just saying it, but singing it. Damn those catchy eighties tunes.

Anyway, I took an unplanned day trip to Vienna, Austria from Bratislava, Slovakia.  The weather in the latter not being so great, I booked a ticket and boated on up the Danube.  I love boats, a lot. Luckily, the weather wasn’t as miserable several miles up river.

I ran round Vienna like a headless chicken (though still able to see where I was going), without a map or a guidebook.  But I managed to take in some sights, appreciate the architecture and have a few expensive beers together with my expensive lunch.

Yeah, I’d go back again if I had more time on my hands and under my feet.

Who is Ultravox and what did they sing you might be asking yourselves.  I don’t want to disappoint you, so here is the video. Smiley face.

Now you try saying Vienna without putting an ‘Oh’ in front of it.


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  1. elainecanham says:

    Went to Vienna half a lifetime ago, just so I could ride on the ferris wheel that’s in The Third Man. Like flying in a garden shed.


    1. sunburntback says:

      Sounds like a very unique experience 😛


      1. elainecanham says:

        It was…odd. But enjoyable.


  2. Good work. Such beautiful pictures.
    I have done the same. Once I had a stop over in miami for 14 hours. I bought a day pass, and explored south, north, east and west miami. Got to the beach, even found free street wifi to send pictures to my friends and girlfriend. Twice I randomly hopped on a random bus just to see where it will take me. Was fun 🙂


    1. sunburntback says:

      Ha ha, time versus place leads to an interesting combo!!


      1. Certainly does.


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