A view of the Taj Mahal from rooftops

So, the Taj Mahal.  The most famous structure in India.

The average person gets a plot in a cemetery and buys a headstone or a plaque for the ashes.  But not the Mughal emperor Shah Jahan.  He goes and starts building this huge mausoleum a year after his third (and clearly favourite) wife died during childbirth. Taking around 21 years to complete, it is the jewel in India’s crown.

If you’re like me and planning ahead, you might arrive in Agra the day before for an early start the next day. Agra is a small town, so what can you do? I opted to stake out the next day’s prey from rooftops to soak up the views.

The pictures below depict it from various roof-top eateries around Agra, Uttar Pradesh.  Simply by walking around and looking for ‘rooftop’ you’ll find a few worthy places (and not-so worthy places). Saniya Palace has a good view and is recommended for a drink. But watch out for monkeys that might be looking for refreshments.

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From far away, the Taj and the complex looks massive. Surprisingly, the closer you get the smaller it becomes – at least, it was a lot smaller than I’d expected (until I stood at the foot of it).

And yes, it was overcast and hot when I was there (grumble grumble) – I had been hoping for some blue skies and clouds, but it wasn’t meant to be.  As such, the sunrise and sunset weren’t so great.

Read about the inside of the Taj Mahal here.  Over and out.  Smiley face.

When visited:  End of October

Weather: hazy sunshine, hot

Further Information: The Official Website, Wikipedia, UNESCO


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  1. Sally says:

    Beautiful place with a beautiful story behind it 🙂

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Marie says:

    One of my favorite places. It did not disappoint.

    Liked by 2 people

  3. I like Taj Mahal. I also like the story. The only thing which bothered me about this structure was that all the workers who worked on this monument, their hands were cut off just because the emperor did not want any other Taj Mahal to be built. Would look forward to the second- inside taj mahal.




    1. sunburntback says:

      I think I had heard the story about the hands, but you’ve just reminded me. Awful 😦


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