Chinese New Year in Hong Kong

On the streets in the centre of Hong Kong, people line the streets to watch the Chinese New Year night parade sometime in February. Jostling for space, you still get quite a good view even a few rows back (you can get there earlier for a better spot).

The procession winds its way around the city; entertainers entertain, dancers dance and musicians play instruments as onlookers snap photos, take videos and cheer.

This was saying goodbye to the year of the dragon and welcoming in the year of the snake (which auspiciously has some very negative connotations).

It takes place around the streets of Tsim Sha Tsui on the mainland.

When:  around February (date changes every year)

Weather:  cold but not freezing

Further information:  Discover Hong Kong


4 Comments Add yours

  1. ubecute says:

    Beautiful Pictures! Thanks for sharing.


      1. ubecute says:

        You are welcome.


  2. Awesome.. Saw in Melbourne only a bit of celebration, cant imagine what it would be like in Hong Kong.. Thanks for sharing, hope one day can travel in this time of year.


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